Hi everyone.
Welcome to my writing page where my mission is to be honest and open about life and the chaos in our minds. Well, my mind anyway and I hope that you can relate to and somehow feel a sense that we are all connected, trying to live the best life we can and at times finding it hard.
For reasons that I think I might have some of the answers to, I don’t have a lot of childhood memories, but one thing that stays with me is how my mum and dad always gave me advice that they didn’t follow themselves. So, lead-by-example has become a kind of motto that I now try to live by.
Try not to be hard on yourself or others and just do what feels right in your heart – be your truth. That’s at least what I’m working on day by day, because if I don’t I can’t teach it to my little boy.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy getting to know me. I welcome feedback on any of my writing or questions you might want to ask.

With love

The Chaotic Writer x